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We at Final Phase Construction are experienced in commercial build-outs, renovations and commercial construction. Whether you are looking to build out office, retail or restaurant space, renovate an existing space, build a new store, or build a new commercial building, we can help you with all of your construction needs from the initial planning to the final phase.

Final Phase Construction can help you make your commercial construction or renovation / remodeling project a reality, and with integrated project management we’ll help it complete on time, to budget and to specifications.

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Northwest Atlanta Commercial Construction & Contractor Services serving Marietta, Cobb County and nearby areas.

We’ve been helping businesses create the ideal commercial space since 2009. Our services include:


  • Complete site and building construction from start to finish
  • Interior build-outs for office, retail, restaurant, or other work spaces
  • Cross-functional teams that facilitate communication between architects, designers, owners, retailers, project managers and superintendents


  • Remodel existing space with continuous store, office or other operations
  • Expert remodeling specialists


  • New tenant fit out
  • Office renovations
  • Restaurant remodeling
  • Shopping center remodeling


  • Regional small project remodels & roll-outs
  • Small projects team focused exclusively on delivering successful smaller projects


  • Coordinate punch lists and site walkthroughs
  • Efficient transition to property management
  • Professional close-out documentation
  • Project Manager remains onsite until completion and client approval


Six Things to Keep in Mind for Commercial Renovation or Build-out Projects

    1. Zoning
      Before construction begins, your renovation or build out needs to comply with local zoning ordinances. If not, and you get caught, you will be forced to seek a variance from the zoning board. Get turned down on your variance request and you’ve wasted lots of time and money. This is definitely not a case where it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.   We make sure that your project is in compliance before picking up the first hammer and nail, to help save you potential headaches and costly delays.
    2. Codes
      You need to ensure that your build out or renovation conforms to local code as well, including mechanical, plumbing, electric, fire, safety and more. For renovations in particular, sometimes older installed components (i.e. electrical panels, plumbing, gas) will need to be brought up to code or replaced. Part of our project management process includes the planning to make sure your project meets specified codes before the actual work begins. You can view current Georgia Building Codes here.
    3. Permitting

Different cities, municipalities and other regions have different laws on the books regarding permits for construction, remodeling, renovation and so on. Some areas enforce their permit requirements more enthusiastically than others, so it’s very important to ensure that the right permits are in place with the right authorities before you get started, or you could face delays, fines, or worse. We at Final Phase are familiar with the permitting requirements in the areas where we do business most often, and for other areas we take the time to make sure we’re in compliance so your project comes off without a hitch.

Property Size

      1. Does your property have enough space to accommodate your plans and ideas? Keep in mind that setbacks and area requirements must meet code and zoning laws. Make a mistake and you may find that you have to tear down construction work to be in compliance.
      2. The Neighborhood
        It is important to have a good understanding of the neighborhood character and trends. Are your future neighbors open to having a business like yours in their neighborhood? How well do your design plans integrate into the existing style and “flavor” of the neighborhood? Even if there are no legal barriers, negativity or pushback from the community could cause problems for your business.       If your building is perceived as an eyesore, people may choose not to support your business by shopping there.
      3. Timing
        On what timeline do you need your construction work to be completed? It’s important that your contractor understand the timeframes and business reasons for setting them. Good project management includes beginning with the end in mind and also regular, frequent communication with your contractor for updates and any changes in the construction project timeline. Of course it’s important to understand that once the project begins, changes to your design or plans this could push back the delivery date and potentially incur additional costs.       So take the time to plan thoroughly and ensure that your contractor utilizes proper project management methodologies to ensure that your project stays on track and gets delivered on time, to specifications, and to budget.   That’s why Final Phase is an obvious choice – we include project management in each and every one of our projects.


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